Upon acceptance of the design proposal, Jaye Metcalf Designer Gardens will then undertake the formal design phase for your garden, in two stages – the Concept Plan and the Master Plan as outlined below:


Stage 1:  THE CONCEPT PLAN : An inspiring Concept Plan will be developed and presented, reflective of the extensive information gathered during the initial consultancy. This is a vital communication tool in the design process and is intended to be the first draft of the final design. As such it is very open to client feedback. Drawn by hand to scale, the concept plan incorporates all of the design elements in a broad context.


Stage 2: THE MASTER PLAN:  The Final Master Plan is a more detailed plan of the garden design that has been refined in response to client feedback to the concept design. Drawn by hand to scale, this includes a fully itemised planting schedule (inclusive of botanical and common names, quantities and recommended supply sizes), details of recommended finishes and hard landscaping elements, and a comprehensive user-friendly legend - all to town planning standards. It also incorporates other finishing touches including the style and placement of focal points / pots and urns / water features/ outdoor furniture/ sculptures / artwork & lighting depending upon your individual requirements. We will also provide you with a photo gallery of the plant palette and features selected to assist you in visualising your garden design prior to construction.

The final Master Plan provides all the detailed information necessary to obtain competitive quotes from numerous landscape contractors – with the peace of mind that they’re all quoting on the same finished result.