Every garden is unique and has its own soul. And there is no greater joy than creating a beautiful garden that both compliments the home’s architecture and is a reflection of our client’s personality and requirements. 

We are passionate about creating gardens that perfectly balance aesthetics with functionality using a touch of creative flair to ensure that they are not only timeless and classic, but are also able to enrich and enhance our clients’ lives.
Jaye Metcalf Designer Gardens brings creative thinking, attention to detail and proven planning and project management experience to every project – resulting in unique and sustainable gardens that add enjoyment and value to your home or business for years to come.


The structural layout of a garden is fundamentally important to good landscape design. It provides the backbone, a framework if you like, to compliment the architectural lines of the property. This structure is highly unique to each individual property. It may be formal with strong geometric lines, or conversely informal with sweeping curves (dependent upon the client’s personal preference) – but it needs to hold its own. Indeed, even the most rambling and curvaceous of gardens still requires a fundamental structure. There needs to be a strong connection between the house and garden and once this is achieved, the garden will compliment the architecture much the same as a beautiful frame enhances a great work of art.  This is about complimenting the home’s architecture without distracting from it. Outdoor rooms are then harmoniously established and zoned according to the clients practical - as well as whimsical - requirements.


A select planting palette is chosen reflective of the clients individual tastes, style and preferences to either enhance or soften the structure of the garden – literally bringing the garden to life! Much consideration is given to the individual plant qualities (foliage colour, texture, contrast, floral display, size, tactile qualities including scent and aroma, along with seasonal interest) when selecting the best plant palette and positioning of each plant or plant group within a garden. The interaction between the plants selected is just as important as the qualities of the individual plant species. With background knowledge in horticulture we take great pride in our individualised planting schemes.


The Finishing Touches: Focal points are incorporated and may be either dramatic or understated - the imaginations the limit here!  Many clients love to personalise this element of the garden design – selecting their own much loved artwork, sculptures, water features and outdoor furniture. We really enjoy guiding our clients through this process and are more than happy to take the lead and add our own creative flair to compliment the garden style.